This page is dedicated to a series of topics that I like to spend my private time on. You may find these topics of interest to you, so feel free to roam around. The key pages can be reached from the top menu. Also find a brief summary of the key topics in the panel below. Do not hesitate to contact me via email. If you feel these pages are useful to you, feel free to buy me a coffee, so I can continue to keep these pages relevant for you.

Best regards,

Marinko Laban

Key Pages


A series of pages dedicated to my musical interests, which are around guitar playing, synthesizer playing, sound design and plugin development. Here you will find things like VCV Rack patches and plugins, VST3 plugins and Cubase/HALion patches, but also other music related topics.


A blog on my M-Dart project, which is a ray tracer written in Ada 2016 and writing a book about ray tracing theory and the Ada implementation.


Some pages about some other software development projects that I am pondering about, but don't expect too much progress here for now...time is not a thing I have in abundance...